Ally is a deep specialist technical diver with a strong focus on finding new species from 40-120m in oceans around the world.  Her photography extends from unusual patterns and shapes of marine creatures, Arctic animals, Baltic wrecks, to the diversity of terrestrial life in Kenya.

Ally has given talks about her research in the Attenborough Studio at London’s Natural History Museum, is awarded from the most prestigious NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Underwater Photographer of the Year, and Ocean Geographic, and her work has been published in BBC News, The Guardian, Times, and many news channels across the world.

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  • NHM feature article on my work

    London’s Natural History Museum asked me in for an interview and wrote a feature about my work. How awesome is that?!  

    Natural History Museum ‘Nature Live’ talks

    There aren’t many venues more rewarding than giving a few talks in the Attenborough Studio at the Natural History Museum in London. My talks were included as part of the ‘Nature Live’ series in May 2017.

  • Jump for a 90m (290 ft) dive

    Here is a brief video jumping off a moving boat with six cylinders (three on the rebreather and three 12 L bailouts) and two cameras, totaling 90 kg/ 220 lbs of equipment to photograph critters at 90 m / 290 ft. Nothing makes me happier than doing this crazy stuff 🙂 This was filmed off…