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  • NHM feature article on my work

    London’s Natural History Museum asked me in for an interview and wrote a feature about my work. How awesome is that?!  

    Natural History Museum ‘Nature Live’ talks

    There aren’t many venues more rewarding than giving a few talks in the Attenborough Studio at the Natural History Museum in London. My talks were included as part of the ‘Nature Live’ series in May 2017.

  • Jump for a 90m (290 ft) dive

    Here is a brief video jumping off a moving boat with six cylinders (three on the rebreather and three 12 L bailouts) and two cameras, totaling 90 kg/ 220 lbs of equipment to photograph critters at 90 m / 290 ft. Nothing makes me happier than doing this crazy stuff 🙂 This was filmed off…

    My most favorite audience ever :)

    Nothing beats presenting my work of fascinating ocean creatures to 300 primary school children (and teachers and parents). Plus my 9 year-old son Ace got to help me out while I gave this talk at his school. I am now seen as the coolest mum ever which I think is pretty awesome!

    2016 NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year

    and one of my photos is a finalist in the People’s Choice category out of nearly 50,000 entries!

  • Diver magazine article: Ice diving in the Swiss Alps

    In the July 2016 issue, diving 2000m in the Swiss Alps under ice

    The Swedes are crazy. I love diving with them!

    Who wants to jump in the Baltic Sea at 9.30pm just as the sun is going down for a 65m dive on the large 120m long German steamer Jurgen Fritzen where it is pitch black, silty with 2-3m viz, 6*C, and a bit spooky? Anyone? Well that is what my favorite Viking Nick and I…

    Honduras expedition with the Thinking Deep group

    It was a successful five weeks for University of Oxford’s Thinking Deep Expedition team in Utila, Honduras. We primarily looked at fish and coral species down to 85m but also collected sediment to test the effects of runoff, culled and researched the highly invasive lionfish, and studied an endangered coral species that included recording the…

  • Diver magazine: Four page article on my work

    For months a few dive magazines have been asking me to write for them because what I do is pretty insane, so I finally caved in. Here is a four page article on me and my work in the latest issue of Diver magazine, and I’m mentioned by name on the cover!

  • Sudan Sub Expedition

    I was on an April 2015 deep diving expedition to Sudan to locate the missing WWII Italian submarine Macalle. Despite several of us doing multiple dives below 100m, the location of the sub remains a mystery due to the reef walls dropping straight down to well over 200m and out of diver and sonar range.…

    Why is deep technical diving complicated?

    Technical diving is more complex, risky, and expensive than recreational open circuit scuba diving and is not for someone who wants to simply jump in the water. I am well aware I am a high maintenance diver and I don’t like people touching my equipment. When your life depends on a specifically tailored set-up you…

  • Frogfish are silly creatures

    I used to turn my nose up at frogfish. They just sit there like lumps and its hard to spot them. If they do move they walk in what seems like the most inefficient manner by crashing from one side to the next. Then one day in Lembeh, Indonesia we came upon a hairy frogfish…