Frogfish are silly creatures

I used to turn my nose up at frogfish. They just sit there like lumps and its hard to spot them. If they do move they walk in what seems like the most inefficient manner by crashing from one side to the next. Then one day in Lembeh, Indonesia we came upon a hairy frogfish waving around the lure attached to its head as that is how it attracts fish to eat (see video!). It was a frogfish revelation and after that moment I became a frogfish convert! All frogfish have lures although some are not as elaborate and obvious as the hairy frogfish. Most specimens pictured below were found in Indonesia with a few photographed in the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Egypt.

The video shows a female hairy frogfish (Antennarius striatus) waving her lure to attract fish. The second part was filmed a few years ago and illustrates the female in front with the smaller and less attractive male following behind her.