Species Feature: Strange fish

Strange and unusual fish

How do you determine what is an unusual fish?  I enlisted the help of my son for a second opinion of what he’d consider strange as I am far too familiar with the topic.  My favorite in this group has to be the Brazilian batfish (Ogcocephalus vespertilio) in the first two photos.  I had no idea this species existed until my partner and I bumped into this specimen in Cuba, looked at each other in sheer amazement, then asked, “WTF is that?!”  Yep, a classic moment I’ll never forget.  Many species of stonefish and scorpion fish fall into this category because they often look like blobs and move in such a clumsily retarded manner (not exactly a PC word but I couldn’t think of a better adjective) you think there is something wrong with them.  Other fish species include stargazers, juvenile flying fish, fingered dragonet, juvenile leather bass, sea moth, flying gunard, arrow blenny, Yarrell’s blenny, shrimp fish, boxfish, urchin clingfish, etc and were found in Indonesia, Egypt, Cuba, Philippines, Costa Rica, UK, and Bahamas.